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LupaSearch 1.24: Expanded Analytics and UX improvements

A new version of LupaSearch is here. This release focuses on new Analytics features, better CTR tracking and some quality of life improvements to make your experience with LupaSearch dashboard even smoother.

Organisation-wide analytics

LupaSearch Analytics now supports viewing data for all of the projects in your organisation in one place, so it is easier to track your total search usage if you have more than one project.

Of course, it is still possible to filter analytics data by a desired environment. In order to do that please use a new filter ‘Project’.

Click-through rate (CTR)

Click through rate (CTR) is one of the key metrics in eCommerce, this is why we added it to our Analytics page. It tracks the ratio of user engagement events (search result item clicks or adds to cart) and a total number of search queries.

It is a very useful tool to track the overall performance of your search settings, as well as to see how various configuration changes affect this metric over time.

LupaSearch Analytics also allows you to track which of the search terms have the best CTR (i.e. which search terms are driving the highest user engagement) and additionally includes the CTR metric for the most popular queries.

Please note that CTR will only be tracked if your project is reporting ‘product click’ and ‘add to cart’ events from your search results page back to the LupaSearch Events API.

Indexing Analytics

LupaSearch now tracks the total number of processed products during various search indexing operations - daily product imports, updates and deletions. This information can help you to spot any issues or unexpected changes in indexing volume.

Documentation search

We perfectly understand that project documentation might not be the most exciting reading material, so we made finding information in it easier. Using LupaSearch, of course. Developers no longer have to browse through the documentation catalogue, instead they can use the documentation search dialog to find a desired article.

To use this feature, click the magnifying glass button at the top of dashboard.

A new dashboard landing page

On a new login, users are now greeted with a brand new landing page, which enables quick access to the most popular functionality in our Dashboard.

Page URL address improvements

Every page in the Dashboard now has a detailed URL address, which allows users to share the exact links to the LupaSearch console pages within their organisation. Additionally, Indices configuration has found its place in the main navigation menu for more convenient access when frequently changing between active environments.

Additional notes

LupaSearch is a continuously growing product. If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions on improving it, feel free to contact our team at support@lupasearch.com. This will help us to further improve our service.