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LupaSearch 1.12 is LIVE: Dashboard, analytics and boosting

We’re excited to announce that the 1.12 version of LupaSearch is now live. The main highlight of this update is the brand new search Dashboard. It gives much more control for system administrators by allowing them to track user search statistics, configure synonyms, boost product positions and more.

All of the changes are made through a user-friendly interface and with zero coding skills needed. Here are the main features of the dashboard:


E-shop administrator can now view the main search analytics:

  • Most popular search terms;

  • Most popular suggestions;

  • Queries with zero results

These metrics will help you better understand what search terms are the most popular in your store, and what are the most significant lost opportunities. Zero results terms could also help you to fine-fine tune various search settings, like synonyms.


The new dashboard update will allow e-shop administrators to add synonyms directly through the user interface, without a need to use the API:

Search query configuration

E-shop administrators can now configure their search behaviour from the LupaSearch console. This feature, intended for more advanced users, allows them to perform actions like:

  • Enable/Disable Did you mean functionality;

  • Enable/Disable

  • Control which fields are included in your query;

Any query change can be safely tested directly from the user interface, so it is easy to see how search behaviour changes without applying settings to the production.


One significant query configuration feature is the ability to boost search results by a desired property. For example, you can configure certain brands to be at the top of the results (with different boosting values for different brands):

Or simply prioritize products that have the most reviews and highest discount:

Statistics-based boosting

E-shops that in their integration use event reporting, can now utilize statistics-based boosting in their search query configurations.

This type of boosting automatically improves default search results ranking without a need to micromanage various configuration settings. Statistical boosting prioritizes products that have been frequently viewed and added to the cart directly from the search result page, thus highlighting the products search users were most interested in.

Testing in dashboard

When changing search query settings, you can see the results right away. You don't need to wait for reindexing, it will not save while you're testing your query.

Additional notes

We would like to highlight that this is just the first version of the LupaSearch dashboard. Some functionality may be incomplete and there is always a small chance of errors and unexpected behavior. If you encounter any issues while using the console, please contact the LupaSearch team at This will help us further improve our service.

If you would like to give LupaSearch a go yourself, drop us a message at - and we will provide you with dashboard credentials and a quick walkthrough demo of the main functionality.

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