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How can your business exploit personalization?

91% of online shoppers say they are more likely to purchase from brands that remember their preferences and provide the most relevant offers and recommendations. Increase purchases from returning visitors by enabling personalization of search results.

Track the products your users show interest in, rank them higher in search results and increase satisfaction with your website. LupaSearch assigns relevant products to each shopper and recommends them the next time the person uses the search.

Customer is choosing products

Show only the most relevant products in real-time

LupaSearch automatically ranks products based on what users showed interest in when browsing the website.

For instance, if a user searches for books and clicks on items in the “Science Fiction” category, the next time he uses the search, the “Science Fiction” category items will tend to rank higher in the results than books of other genres.

Increase users’ satisfaction with your brand

LupaSearch creates a user profile based on how users behave with the website and search results. It allows your business to offer precisely what a person is looking for based on gender, brands, product categories, price range, and other criteria.

Unlock the full potential of personalization and recommend your website visitors the products they have not thought of before coming. Upsell and cross-sell your inventory by offering intuitive product selections.

AI driven search displays results
LupaSearch autosuggests search terms

Remember user preferences for the next time

Greet returning website visitors by offering tailored product recommendations that reflect their past browsing and purchasing experience.

Increase your shoppers' loyalty and grow sales by providing interest-matching product suggestions.

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Turned on and off whenever you feel like it

You can easily enable and disable the personalization in the LupaSearch dashboard. Find the settings in the Search Query Configuration section.

Besides, you can configure personalization scoring weights for “Item Click” and “Add to Cart” events.

Dashboard with personalization preferences