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Clear-cut reports to understand your shoppers

Make decisions based on your gut but backed by factual data. Track how your users interact with the search, notice the demand your business does not satisfy, and scale your business. Easy-to-read charts provide you with visual feedback about your search results.

Get to know your shoppers and their needs. LupaSearch provides an intuitive dashboard with detailed reports for you to understand what your users are most interested in and how they interact with your website.

Analytics provide shop administrators with business-relevant key performance indicators: insights on trends, zero-result searches, and CTRs (Clickthrough rates). Check how well your search is performing, analyze users' behavior more deeply than in Google Analytics, and build a converting website.

Real-time changing reports allow you to make immediate decisions.

How can your business profit from it?

Analysis of your store’s performance lays the ground for your business growth. Investigate real-time statistics on your search performance to make future decisions.

Customer is choosing products

Improve your search experience to sell more

Immediate feedback on your search performance allows you to remove users’ struggles on your website. Brainstorm data-driven ideas for campaigns and improve user experience with your search to convert more.

Identifying the most popular search queries and clicks helps you keep up with stocking up your inventory. Meet the demand and always offer the most-wanted products.

Use your users' language to name your products and modify texts in your store. Speaking the same language resonates with users and helps them build trust with your brand.

Use zero-result data to scale your business

If your user receives a no-result page, it can be a dead end, making him leave your website and choose competitors that satisfy their request. An effective search should always return a relevant result.

If you have the product your users were looking for, update product descriptions and add synonyms to match your users’ language. This way, you can minimize the occurrence of zero search results and improve user satisfaction.

If your store does not offer the products your users are looking for, use this data to identify the demand and plan your future product stocks. This helps you respond to valuable trends and start providing products people are interested in.

AI driven search displays results
LupaSearch autosuggests search terms

Apply insights to other sales channels to grow faster

Identify the main keywords your users are naming your products and apply them to different sales channels - influencer campaigns, SEO strategy, Google, and social media ads.

Use user wording to name and describe the products in ads and social media communication to catch their attention and build connections. Promote the most-searched products on other channels, called in the user language, and grow your business horizontally.

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