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How does NLP work?

With the rise of semantic search, users stopped searching in keywords. Adjusting the ecommerce store according to users' language helps to understand their queries. Natural Language Processing helps to translate even the most complex user searches into computer-understandable queries to deliver accurate results and a top-notch user experience.

Natural language is exactly what it sounds like - the way people speak with other humans: by asking questions, using grammatically complex sentences, and long (sometimes incoherent) phrases.

In ecommerce search, advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) translates those complex sentences into computer-understandable pieces of searchable information.

NLP replaces the need for users to type short, precise keywords (like summer dress) and then do a manual search through endless categories and filters. Instead, users can now ask the website to find a floral pattern short sleeve summer dress for a skinny woman. An AI-driven search should retrieve precisely that.

How can your business benefit from NLP?

Understanding the real user’s intent behind each search term allows you to deliver the most accurate search results, increase user satisfaction with your website, and grow sales.

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Understand user queries to improve search accuracy

Translating complex user queries into accurate search results helps to provide users with exactly what they are looking for. By minimizing the need for manual search (applying filters and browsing categories), you can encourage users to fall for that I-want-to-buy moment.

NLP-based search automatically identifies product attributes from the user search query and returns relevant results. LupaSearch supports NLP in many languages.

Increase users’ satisfaction

NLP helps your ecommerce website to get to the core of each search term, identify real user intent, and return only relevant results. This minimizes the number of zero-result pages and ensures a more satisfying experience with your brand.

Instantaneous autocomplete while a user is typing predicts the intent, resembles Google search, and allows users to make a purchase within seconds. Consumers are more likely to choose websites that satisfied their purchasing needs in the past.

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Collect data to make future decisions

Every time a person interacts with your website, the search uses machine learning to analyze previous search queries and provide a more user-relevant search experience.

Collect data points about user interactions and improve your website to satisfy user needs further. Update your product titles and descriptions to match the user language used when searching.

With LupaSearch, it is easy to continuously provide better and daily improving search experience. You have all the stats for that.

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No coding experience required, ever.

LupaSearch offers a seamless Natural Language Processing feature perfectly suitable for non-technical shop administrators.

Our team of industry-best search experts will help you provide your customers with a top-notch search experience. All you need is to aim to improve search accuracy and pinpoint weak search areas.

The LupaSearch team will help you make the most out of the NLP.

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