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Conversation-like search that converts

Imagine searching “What do I need to make sushi” and instantly having all the ingredients ready to add to your cart.

Lupa GenAI bring this to daily e-commerce shopper life. This new AI-powered e-commerce search feature allows users to engage in conversations just like in ChatGPT, skyrocketing search conversion rates.

The most satisfying search experience ever

AI conversational search + complex query interpretation + personalized approach makes a hyper-relevant Lupa GenAI.

Simply ask your query as you would ask Google, and the AI will process it to deliver the results. Thanks to neural networks-based Large Language Models, your shoppers receive a conversion-boosting search experience.

Customer is choosing products

From a single search query to the converted cart

Lupa GenAI can handle complex queries that involve multiple criteria, such as price, brand, color, size, rating, availability, and more.

For example, you can ask: “Show me red dresses under $50 that have at least 4 stars and are in stock” - and the AI will show you the matching products.

Personalized approach

Lupa GenAI learn from user feedback and preferences and provide them with a personalized approach.

For example, users can refine their search query by adding information like: “I like this product, but I prefer a different color” - and the AI will show you similar products in different colors.

AI driven search displays results
LupaSearch autosuggests search terms

Search for products in separate categories

Users don’t need to type in keywords or use filters. They don’t even need to know the precise naming of the product they need. Just let them talk to the AI and get the results they want.

Powered by AI and trained on extensive text data, Lupa GenAI comprehend user queries, even handling misspellings, synonyms, or ambiguous terms.

It's like having a human-like shopping consultant but in an e-commerce store.

Ultimate conversion rate booster

Lupa GenAI is a better way to search for products online. This AI assistant understands shoppers’ needs and preferences and delivers the most rewarding, conversion-boosting results.

AI driven search displays results

Introduce a Lupa GenAI to your e-store and expect

  • Increased average order value
  • More happy return customers
  • Boosted website revenue

Lupa GenAI are perfectly suitable for industries including but not limited to

  • Fashion (for clothing, accessories, or footwear)
  • Travel (travel deals, flights, hotels, car rentals, or tours)
  • Education (courses, books)
  • Interior (furniture, decor, lighting, interior details)
  • Food (groceries, beverages, gourmet foods)
  • Beauty (cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrances)
  • Gaming (games, consoles, accessories).

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