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What can you control in a dashboard?

You do not need extensive programming knowledge to make the most out of an ecommerce search. Intuitive LupaSearch dashboard allows shop administrators to monitor, configure and test search parameters directly in the UI.

Many businesses have no control over their ecommerce search engine. This means they also lose control over the revenue generated by the search engine.

LupaSearch intuitive dashboard provides seamless control over your store’s search. The best part is - you do not need to have coding knowledge.

The dashboard allows you to track user search statistics, configure synonyms, boost product positions, and test various search query settings.

All the changes are immediately updated, so you do not need to wait for reindexing and can see the results right away.

How can your business profit from it?

Customer is choosing products

Get immediate feedback to make data-based decisions

The intuitive dashboard provides a quick visual representation of your ecommerce search performance. It immediately lets you know how users interacted with your website, what products or categories were the most popular, and what products your users could not find.

Use this information to make data-based decisions when customizing your search queries and effectively scale your business.

Optimize to grow faster

With LupaSearch, you are never dependent on the resources of developers. Every shop administrator can configure the search results, test what works (and what doesn’t), optimize results, make immediate data-based decisions, and grow business faster than competitors.

A customizable and highly intuitive dashboard lets you optimize ecommerce search with zero coding skills.

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LupaSearch autosuggests search terms

Increase revenue through testing

The LupaSearch dashboard allows you to test new strategies and see how they work. Easy-to-understand visual charts, shopper behavior statistics, and live testing with configurable search parameters let you improve your search experience.

The intuitive dashboard pinpoints specific strategies that work well, identifies patterns and trends, and presents test-winning solutions, so you can use more of what works.

Continuous testing and search improvement lead to steep conversions and revenue increases.

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You are never on your own

While LupaSearch provides full control over the dashboard settings configuration, we understand that it can get tricky at times.

For that, the LupaSearch team offers continuous support and assists you with any questions regarding the search query configuration in the dashboard.

During a consultation, the LupaSearch team will teach you how to apply certain changes or configure some settings. After a few meetings with our team, most businesses acquire the know-how to exploit the search to the maximum.

After some time, you will become your ecommerce store’s search expert. And that is what we work towards. Your business success is our success.

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