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Dynamic filters - cutting down on the irrelevant

Does an e-commerce search suggest filters as curly, straight, or wavy when looking for a refrigerator? Not anymore with Dynamic LupaSearch filters.

Dynamic filters work by displaying filters pertinent to the specific product the user is searching for while excluding irrelevant options that may clutter their screen.

For example, when searching for hair shampoo, the site search will display filters associated with hair-relevant filters, such as brand, hair type, price, beauty product attributes, etc., while hiding filters related to other products, such as TVs or refrigerators.

A seamless user experience

Save users’ time and browsing effort by focusing on the filters that matter to them.

Dynamic Filters ensures that the filters presented in the search results are directly associated with the product the users are interested in, creating a streamlined and intuitive search process.

Use Dynamic filters to avoid shoppers’ confusion and frustration by eliminating unnecessary filters that may distract them from their goals.

Increased product discovery and revenue rates

Increased product discovery directly translates into higher revenue rates.

Allow users to discover new products that match their criteria by exploring the relevant filters. Streamline the search process, enhance shoppers’ satisfaction, and boost your revenue potential.

Tailored to extensive product ranges

Dynamic filters are particularly beneficial for shops with extensive product ranges, where having too many filters can hinder the user experience.

This functionality dynamically adjusts, displaying only the filters relevant to the specific product you are searching for. That means no more irrelevant options cluttering your search interface.

Travel agency? Beauty and fashion? Food store? LupaSearch adjusts filters based on your e-commerce needs.

How does it work?

Customer is choosing products

User empowerment

Take control of your search results by selecting only the attributes that matter to your e-store shoppers. No more unnecessary options to sift through.

Relevance in real-time

Dynamic Filters adapt instantly based on the users’ search query, displaying only the filters pertinent to the product category they are exploring.

AI driven search displays results
LupaSearch autosuggests search terms

Effortless navigation

Enjoy a hassle-free browsing experience with filters that make sense for the shoppers’ search, eliminating confusion and speeding up the path to their desired product.

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