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who is our client
MrBiceps is a leading company of food supplements and sports items in the Baltic countries. The company’s mission is to offer high-quality products at an affordable price and create value for each customer to meet their needs and expectations.
The client
Health and wellness

MrBiceps, the prominent provider of dietary supplements in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, encountered notable obstacles in their e-commerce journey. Their customers frequently needed help finding products, resulting in poor user experiences and missed chances for sales.

Key challenges
High zero results rate. Customers frequently encountered "no results" pages, especially for complex search queries and specific product lines like vitamin D.
Synonym and language issues. Customers often used slang or English terms instead of Lithuanian, making it difficult for the existing search function to return relevant results. Moreover, the company did not have synonyms for the Latvian and Estonian projects.
Lack of search analytics. Before LupaSearch, MrBiceps had limited insights into their customers' search behavior, relying on inaccurate data from Google Analytics.
Unrecognized product lines. Important products were not being found due to the search engine's inability to handle variations in search terms.
Advanced spellcheck

LupaSearch implemented a sophisticated spellcheck system capable of handling complex Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian words, drastically reducing the zero search results rate.

Synonym, slang and English terms integration

The search engine was configured to recognize and accommodate synonyms, slang, and English terms, ensuring that customers could find the products they were looking for regardless of the terminology used.

Comprehensive search analytics

LupaSearch provided detailed analytics on search behavior, enabling MrBiceps to understand customer preferences and improve the product catalog.

Enhanced product discovery

Products like vitamin D, which were previously difficult to find, became easily accessible through more intuitive and accurate search results.

Improved customer experience
With better search functionality and reduced zero results pages, customers can find what they need quickly and efficiently.
Increased conversions
By understanding and predicting search trends, MrBiceps optimized its product catalog, leading to higher conversion rates.
Data-driven decisions
The detailed search analytics provided by LupaSearch allowed MrBiceps to make informed decisions about inventory and marketing strategies.
Higher customer satisfaction
The ability to use slang and English terms without issues improved the overall shopping experience, catering to a broader customer base.
What our client says

LupaSearch integrations into our online stores have been highly beneficial, showcasing their expertise and professionalism. Key improvements include enhanced search results display, eliminating zero search results, and introducing synonyms and jargon, significantly improving user experience.

Additionally, LupaSearch provides statistics-based synonym suggestions, helping us continuously improve. Their technical problem-solving and professional, structured meetings further demonstrate their value as a competent and professional partner.

Gediminas Norkus
Emilijus Buividas
Head of E-commerce and Co-Owner MB "Biceps"

The partnership between MrBiceps and LupaSearch showcases the impact of advanced search solutions on small e-commerce businesses.

By addressing key pain points and providing powerful tools for search analytics, LupaSearch has empowered MrBiceps to deliver a superior online shopping experience, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

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