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Lemona result

Growth in search conversion rates

Growth in product catalog updates
The client

Lemona Electronics is a leading e-commerce store in electronic components, various parts, and tools.

The company provides electronic goods to both B2B and B2C sectors, meaning it has to simultaneously satisfy the needs of a diverse range of clients.

Key challenges
  • Accurate search regardless of languages and domains
  • Fast search among over 30M products
  • Meeting the needs of B2B and B2C customers
Client previously used this tool

Lemona, previously using the e-commerce search solution from another site search market leader, recognized the necessity for an internal search solution that is more efficient, faster, and accurate.

This e-commerce business needed an internal search solution to process an extensive catalog of products in different languages and solve the issues with the complexity of serving B2B customers.

The catalog includes 3 million unique products, 30 million in total. The search had to effectively handle four domains (,,,, each supporting 3 languages, except, which operates in a single language.

The most critical task of LupaSearch was to combine and satisfy the expectations of both B2B and B2C customers.

How did LupaSearch solve Lemona's issues?
Satisfying the B2C searchers' needs

For B2C customers, it was essential to receive relevant results from more abstract search queries compared to B2B customer behavior.

LupaSearch identifies what the potential buyer is looking for, gets into the core of search intent, and delivers a rewarding search experience.

For that, the AI-driven technical search integration was necessary. Our team has integrated accurate spellcheck and synonym recognition features to effectively handle electronics-related jargon.

On the other hand, the LupaSearch team and the client had to go through education processes - for one party to briefly understand the complexity.

Satisfying the B2B searchers’ needs

For B2B customers, the requirements were far more complex. It was relevant for them to search using highly specific technical attributes, SKU numbers, and product stock information.

Also, LupaSearch had to address the following complexities:

  • Comprehensive product descriptions containing many technical attributes
  • Extensive product catalogue (30M in total)
  • Dynamic pricing for B2B customers
  • Hundreds of dynamic search filters

Lemona uses daily updated analytical data for different domains and languages.

Therefore, when integrating the e-commerce search into this client’s store, we decided to use LupaSearch to navigate the entire website through the directories, solving the speed problems. The results were spectacular.

Faster and more reliable e-commerce search, improved shopping experience, and conversion rates.
Increase in product catalog updates resulting in a better shopping experience for customers using site search. They can now conveniently check stock levels and the latest product prices.
Increase in site-search e-commerce conversion rate from organic traffic compared to 1 month period before and after LupaSearch integration. Lemona witnessed an overall search conversion rate growth on day one. And that is the best evaluation for our team.

Increase in average order value

Search conversion increase

Increase in revenue

Value per session increase
What our client says

We appreciate our switch to Lupa Search and would recommend it to others. We have had a smooth migration. Compared to the tool we had before, we can highlight LupaSearch for its fast response time to problems and customer feedback, access to the admin console, and the ability to make changes ourselves if needed. Specifically, it is very helpful to have statistics on TOP100 searches, “no search results” keywords, the ability to add synonyms, and the option to adjust the search with certain rules and boost certain search aspects, like the brand or category.

The monthly reports are extremely useful for our planning. I simplify the data, add screenshots, and share it with our Purchasing and Marketing teams. We've already taken action on several fronts after identifying interest in certain products, brands, and categories.

Gediminas Norkus
Gediminas Norkus
Lemona E-commerce Project Manager
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