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Assorti needed to improve their on-site search efficiency

As a gourmet food products seller, Assorti faced a challenge with its search functionality. Many of their popular products have unique and difficult-to-spell names, such as burrata, brownie, balsamico, focaccia, panettone, and chai latte.

Due to a lot of typos in search queries, their previous search retrieved a high number of no-results pages (even though the company had products), providing poor search results and a frustrating user experience.

Besides, the company wanted to move certain products higher on the search results page, so the users could notice the most-demanded products first.

Key challenges

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Point of progress

To improve ecommerce search relevance

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To find the right products despite typos and misspellings in search queries

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To boost certain products for the company to sell more effectively

How did LupaSearch improve the Assorti search experience?

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Synonyms and spell-check to improve search results

To improve the search experience for Assorti, LupaSearch added synonyms and spell-check functionality.

It helped to correct common misspellings and typos in search queries, resulting in more accurate and relevant search results for users. It now allows users to find the products regardless of mistakes in their queries.

Product boosting to sell more

LupaSearch also provided product-boosting functionality. This feature allows Assorti to promote certain products or product categories, giving them higher visibility in search results.

Now Assorti can arrange the products in the search results page, promote special offers, and eventually increase sales.

Boosting products for higher visibility in search results
Search speed increase five times

Improving search speed

Since LupaSearch supported the integration of a whole product catalog with images, the search speed increased five times.

Search reliability improved dramatically, with customers now able to find the products they were looking for with minimal effort. It led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in bounce rates.

Continuous improvements to increase search relevance

LupaSearch collaborates with Assorti and continuously improves search relevance. The collaboration includes analyzing search data and user behavior and adjusting the search algorithm to improve the overall search experience.

Besides, LupaSearch also keeps updating the search engine with the latest technologies and advancements. It sets Assorti ahead of the competition.

Continuously improving search experience

The result: fast integration, 3X growth in CTR, and satisfied customers

Number 1
The Assorti integration was a success, and the results were impressive.
Number 2
The LupaSearch team delivered the search solution quickly so that Assorti could immediately make a profit.
Number 3
Assorti saw a significant improvement in the search results, with fewer missed spellings and more accurate results. It increased user satisfaction and resulted in a higher click-through rate (CTR) on search results. Precisely, the CTR grew almost three times after the integration.
Number 4
Furthermore, the search solution provided advanced features such as autocomplete, synonyms, and did-you-mean suggestions. They improved the user experience and the conversion rate of the website.
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LupaSearch has provided a cost-effective and feature-rich search solution for our website. The LupaSearch team is very responsive, attentive, and efficient. It also constantly improves its services, so we highly appreciate the company's commitment to ensuring that our visitors receive the most relevant search results.

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