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69% of all shoppers head straight to the search bar. That is - or at least should be - the fastest way to see if the needed product is available.

For small stores with up to 10 (or even 50) products, advanced site search might not be strictly necessary - users can quickly scan through the assortment to see what’s there.

Yet, for stores with large product assortments, the stakes are high.

If a shopper cannot find a product he needs within a few seconds after landing on a webpage, he will abandon the store.

To maximize your ecommerce revenue, a converting AI site search becomes a must.


What is AI site search, and why it matters for ecommerce businesses?

AI site search is a new generation of search technology. It leverages artificial intelligence to understand your customers’ intent, preferences, and behavior and to optimize the search results accordingly.

In other words, such a site search understands what your customer wants and delivers it to him (if you have the product in the assortment).

High relevance is what matters for each ecommerce business. AI site search significantly improves the shopping experience, shortens the customer journey, and helps you sell more without additional investments.

And that is something no bigger ecommerce player can compromise on.

AI site search is not a luxury but a necessity for online stores with large product assortments.


It shortens the customer journey.

Almost half of the shoppers (43%) are willing to pay extra if they can find the needed product in just a few clicks. An AI site search does precisely that.

AI site search shortens the customer journey by helping customers find what they need in fewer steps.

Besides, it reduces the friction and frustration that often occurs when customers have to browse through multiple pages or categories to find their products.

It improves search relevance.

AI site search can analyze your product data and user queries to rank the most relevant products for each customer.

It can also handle natural language processing, synonyms, jargon, spelling corrections, multi-languages, and more.

The end goal of any site search is to pick only the relevant products the user is interested in. AI search can help you achieve that.

It reduces the bounce rate.

AI site search can reduce your bounce rate by engaging your customers with relevant and tempting to browse search results.

For example, an AI site search like LupaSearch not only suggests user-relevant products but also automatically adds engaging and tempting to click on badges like discounts, free delivery, the new collection, or others of your choice.

The more the user is immersed in a smooth search experience, the lower the bounce rates and the more relevant your ecommerce store is.

It enhances personalization.

When it comes to stores with large product assortment, personalization becomes a must.

77% of shoppers choose, recommend, or pay more for a brand that personalizes their shopping experience.

AI site search can tailor your search results to each customer’s preferences and past search behavior.

It can also learn from your customer’s feedback and actions to improve the search experience.

Eventually, you can sell more (and at a larger price) than you could from a non-personalized irrelevant e-shop.

It boosts conversion.

Finally, AI site search can boost your conversion rate by providing customers with a faster and easier way to find what they want. Accurate predictions of users’ search intent

Built-in recommendation systems, product boosting, faceted search, and search customization drastically improve search relevance and encourage users to convert quicker and more effectively.

All being said, AI site search is inseparable from ecommerce business with large product assortment success.

It can help you deliver a superior customer experience, increase your sales and loyalty, and gain a competitive edge in the ecommerce market.

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