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What a year!

Since this is our last release note this year, we first want to say a warm and welcome thank you.

It’s been an incredible journey reaching new conversion rate highs with our current clients, hopping on smooth search integration journeys with the new clients, and meeting new business faces ready to become a LupaSearch family soon.

Let’s close this year with overviewing some exciting new LupaSearch features.

So, what has December brought us?

Get more valuable search insights with an Estimated Add to Cart Revenue

Previously, you could check how your search results are performing regarding click events and add-to-cart events. This month, a new metric appeared: Estimated Add to Cart Revenue.

This metric shows the likely revenue your e-shop has generated from the products users added to their carts after clicking on your search results.

LupaSearch calculates values based on 10,000 clicks on popular queries. Although this is not a guaranteed number, it gives you a better understanding of how much value your search results page can bring to your e-shop.

Catalog speed improvements for better performance and resistance to DDOS attacks

As you now browse an e-shop search (powered with LupaSearch), you will notice that all searches, especially the most frequent ones, are faster and smoother.

If you scroll through the results page, the search results that you have already visited will load 3X faster.

For example, if you search for home appliances and then click on refrigerators, the appliance search results page will load 3X faster when you return to them. That means no more slow-loading breadcrumbs.

Catalog speed improvements not only save you time. LupaSearch also becomes more resilient to DDOS queries, ensuring your e-shop is always secure and accessible.

Gain insights from the expanded Executive summary

Get more valuable insights into your search performance and optimization.

In addition to the monthly data reports provided by LupaSearch, we will now also send you AI-generated top important written explanations on improving your search performance. An expanded Executive summary is based on your previous month’s search performance data, graphs, and overall search trends.

With expanded insights, you can make better data-driven decisions and boost your ecommerce search results.

Console functionality updates

Empty search suggestions

You can now customize what suggestions to show for the user who has clicked on the search bar but hasn’t typed anything yet.

For example, you can set a rule: if the search is empty, show the 5 most popular products. You can rate and pick popular products by clicks, ratings, and other parameters or apply manual selection.

This way, you can attract the user’s attention, showcase your best products, and increase the chances of conversion.

Visual graph for TOP searches

You can now see how your top searches change over time and what keywords are trending or declining in popularity.

LupaSearch now presents a graph that shows the changes in search volume, with red for decreasing and green for increasing.

Use this graph to understand your customers’ preferences, optimize your product catalog, and adjust your marketing strategies.


This feature allows you to customize the redirection to a landing page for specific keywords entered by the user.

For instance, if a user types “Christmas” and “gifts” in the search bar, you can redirect them to a unique landing page that shows Christmas gift ideas or another website that belongs to the same client.

With redirections, you can match the user’s search intent more closely and provide more accurate results.

Expanded Ranking Comparisons

Define rules for when to boost the products that are clicked most often. For example, if you type “Harry Potter,” you can rank products based on their relevance to the popular book or movie.

Now, you can modify how often products must be clicked on to be boosted. For instance, you can set a threshold of how many clicks a product needs to have before it is ranked at the top (e.g., 5, 50 clicks, etc.). This way, you can discard the less relevant products from the suggestions and leave the most user-relevant ones.

Advanced Document Import

Advanced Document Import is a new feature for our ecommerce search product that lets you manage your products faster and easier. You can add or modify products from the console by selecting a JSON file with the product information.

In some ways, it can be a replacement for PIM. This way, you don’t have to wait for the integration to load (e.g., 6 hours). Instead, you can immediately save the product information.

Advanced Document Import also serves as a disaster plan for your PIM. If your PIM has any issues, you can quickly fix product data using LupaSearch Advanced Document Import.

Notice some areas for improvement?

We are committed to continuously developing our ecommerce search product and providing the best possible service to our customers.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions on improving it, contact our team at [email protected]. It will help us further improve our service.