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We have some great news for the LupaSearch community!

Spoiler alert: Lupasearch is even more user-relevant, flexible, and safer.

Let’s just jump right into the newest updates.

Reduce human error and improve security with Permission Controls

This is the feature requested by many medium to large businesses with many people working on the same project.

Permission Controls are designed to give project administrators greater flexibility and control over user access within the e-commerce search platform.

As an organization admin, you can now grant specific permissions (Read Only or Modify) to selected users, allowing for differentiated user levels and ensuring that users see only what they are permitted to see.

You can apply the settings to many business-critical areas of your e-commerce search: A/B tests, Analytics, API keys, Documents, Import Templates, Keywords, Recommendation Queries, etc.

Use case:

Let’s say you are an enterprise project manager and have hired an analytic specialist. In this case, you can only assign this person permission to read data in the Analytics section, with no read or write access to other features.

Permission Controls minimize the risk of unauthorized access and reduce human error. This way, you can protect unrelated staff members from accessing and accidentally deleting critical components such as the Index.

Grow revenue with manually editable Recommendation Queries

Get more control over recommendations. It is now possible with this newest, client-demanded LupaSearch update.

Previously, LupaSearch product recommendations were fully automated based on attribute similarity (most frequently used), bought-together items data, session clicks, and same-user clicks.

With the new update, you can now manually create item rules based on specific business-relevant criteria such as brand, category, colors, etc, or just set particular products to be recommended along with others

This allows for highly targeted recommendations.

For example, you can set a specific query for “iPhone 14 Pro cases” and configure the e-commerce search to suggest your three best-selling phone cases in all iPhone 14 product pages

Recommendation Queries offer greater customization and precision in tailoring recommendations. Not only does it satisfy user preferences, but it also significantly grows your site’s conversion rates.

New language support: Polish language

Great news for your Polish businesses! LupaSearch now supports the Polish language, enhancing our platform’s accessibility and usability for Polish-speaking users.

After this update, users can type their search queries in Polish and receive results in the same language, making the search experience seamless and intuitive.

And that’s not it.

The Polish language works seamlessly with visual search, allowing users to perform visual queries and get results in Polish, improving the user experience for our diverse customer base.

2FA is now live!

We have just newly launched the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature!

This enhancement further bolsters our platform’s security, making it an even safer and more reliable choice for enterprises.

Every user can now turn it on the platform and increase data safety.

Additional notes

We are committed to constantly improving our e-commerce search product and providing the best possible service to our customers.

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions on improving it, contact our team at [email protected]. It will help us further improve our service.