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The usage of search engines has become commonplace. People tend to use them whenever they need information on something.

Users can now type their query directly into a search bar rather than having to memorize keywords and phrases. This makes things much easier.

A search engine will scan the available index for relevant results, list them out and provide the user with options to further filter their result. Search has become a lot simpler than before.

However, there’s still scope for improvement. Search engines are limited by their ability to understand natural language queries and process the response accordingly. To that end, we have various auto-complete features that make searching more convenient for users.

Let’s discuss this function and how you can implement it effectively.

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Autocomplete search is the automatic suggestion of search terms as users type in their query.

This function allows users to select a search result based on a few keystrokes rather than manually typing out a whole query. So, users can select a specific result by clicking on it rather than clicking on the “enter” button to trigger a new search.

Autocomplete is designed to expedite the search process in all possible ways. It saves time, reduces errors, and provides more relevant results to users.

How Does it Work?

The autocomplete search feature will scan the index of your website to find the most relevant search terms. It will then use these terms to come up with a list of suggested searches that users can select.

The user’s selection will be used to refine the existing search query, which can help you get more accurate results. The autocomplete feature aims to make the user’s search as quick and easy as possible, which is why it provides a predetermined set of search terms.

Unfortunately, not all users will select a suggested search term. Many will type their query manually or use the “enter” button to trigger a new search. You can, however, tweak the autocomplete function to suit your needs.

Why Is Auto-Complete Important?

It is important to remember that the autocomplete function is designed to expedite the search process and should not be used as a substitute for regular search terms.

Users should not rely on the suggested searches to come up with their queries. Instead, they should use this function as a means to refine their query by selecting the most relevant terms.

The autocomplete feature is a convenient way to make your search as quick as possible. For example, let’s say you want to find out more about the best home security systems. If you’re not sure which brand is best, you can type “top home security systems” into your search bar.

If your search engine offers to autocomplete suggestions, it will provide you with a list of potential search terms. You can select one of these terms or add a few more terms of your own to get more accurate results.

3 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Autocomplete feature

  • Use the same words your customers use

You can use your existing data to identify the most prevalent search terms. You can then use these terms as suggested searches. This will help users find the information they need more quickly by reducing the number of characters they have to type out.

  • Consider the order of your suggested searches

If you suggest searches in a logical sequence, they will be clear to users. Otherwise, this can result in the wrong terms being selected and produce irrelevant results. Check if your suggested searches are in the proper order so that users can choose the most relevant results.

  • Put your best search terms first

Your suggested searches have a large impact on the user experience. Put the most important terms first. They are the most relevant results for your users. This will help you provide more relevant results and enhance your overall UX.

Autocomplete search feature can help users find what they want faster by providing a list of prospective searches. Introduce this feature into your ecommerce shop and allow users to refine their queries by selecting the most appropriate terms. The autocomplete feature can be adjusted to deliver more relevant results for the user.

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