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As the pace of life speeds up, the patience of online shoppers decreases.

Now, shoppers want to find the products they are looking for quickly. They leave the website as soon as they see 100+ pages of search results for their query.

Therefore, turning website visitors into buyers is challenging. Unless you know the tricks that help.

One of them is a faceted search - a real game changer for eCommerce stores.

Here’s why.

Faceted search (also called faceted browsing or faceted navigation) is a navigation feature used in many eCommerce websites.

Faceted search allows users to filter large sets of product inventory. It narrows down abstract search queries and brings back user-relevant product offerings.

This helps them to find the most relevant products filtered by size, color, pattern, brand, price, and other criteria.

However, faceted search has little to do with commonly used product filters.

Instead, a faceted search is applied to the results of a search. This way, a user can type in the search query and filter the returned results. This helps a user refine his search query and find the exact product he was looking for.

How does it work?

Faceted search is a game changer for stores with a large and complex inventory. It eliminates the need for your website visitors to scroll down endless product listings and guess if the product they need is available.

Integrating a faceted search in your online store puts you in a better position. It allows your website to offer a specific product for a person looking for it fast, so he does not purchase from your competitors.

Here is an example:

A user is looking for running shoes. Usually, when a user writes running shoes in the search bar, the site returns hundreds of results matching the search: all sizes, colors, and brands included. Most of these products are not the ones that brought a person to your website.

For that, the faceted search comes in handy.

It allows a user to apply the specific criteria (facets) relevant to his search. For instance, he might want Nike running shoes of size 11. Then, a user can narrow the search further by applying such filters as color or material.

With only a few choices of the most relevant running shoes, the user is now very likely to make a purchase.

Integrating a faceted search into your eCommerce website opens new opportunities to increase user satisfaction, grow revenue, and receive valuable data for scaling.

Here are the main benefits that you could start noticing quickly:

Improved user experience

At least every fourth website visitor goes immediately to search - it is the quickest way to find the needed product. (If the search works well, of course.)

A fast, accurate, and intuitive-to-use search radically improves the user experience. Website visitors who find it easy to navigate the website are more likely to find and buy the product they came for.

Seamless user experience also builds trust with the retailer, strengthens loyalty, and encourages buyers to purchase again.

Increased conversion rate

Website visitors who use the search are 2.4 times more likely to convert.

An effective faceted search should predict the user’s query and automatically suggest products in real-time. It should display only the most accurate results (sorted by relevance) and allow modifying search results.

All these added benefits for a user translate to higher conversion rates for your company.

Data for scaling

A data-driven search is also a valuable source of information for business growth.

A search dashboard allows you to analyze how people interact with your products and website and make data-based decisions.

By analyzing the most popular search terms and suggestions, you can change product descriptions, rank, or automatically suggest trending products.

Queries with zero results help you identify the demand and stock new products to meet users’ expectations.

Increased revenue

People who use the search on the eCommerce website spend 2.6x more compared with website visitors who do not use the search.

A highly relevant search in your eCommerce website narrows choices from thousands of results to a few. This way, a user can find what he needs quicker than the spontaneous buying impulse fades away.

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