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Faceted search can drastically improve your e-commerce store’s usability, intuitiveness, and conversion rates.

If you are still considering whether or not to invest in providing faceted search functionality on your website, this article is for you.

Let’s discuss the benefits of implementing faceted search on your e-commerce site.

What is faceted search, and how does it work?

Faceted search is a powerful feature that can drastically enhance the user experience on your e-commerce website.

Faceted search augments traditional search techniques with a faceted navigation system. It allows users to narrow down their search results according to specific criteria. These criteria, known as “facets,” can include product attributes such as color, size, brand, and price range.

The user can select one or more facets to narrow the search results. For example, a user searching for a new winter jacket might pick “black” as the color facet, “size 10” as the size facet, and “Patagonia” as the brand facet.

The search results are updated to reflect the applied filters. The result list contains only those products that match the selected criteria.

Faceted search makes it easier for users to find the products they’re looking for.

Faceted search is widely used in the top e-commerce stores. Why should you implement this functionality on your website?

Refining search results

Faceted search allows users to quickly and easily refine their search results.

For example, if a user is searching for winter gloves on an e-commerce site, they might start by looking at all the options available. But with faceted search, they could narrow down their results by filtering for specific criteria, such as color, size, warmth, and price range.

It makes it much easier for them to find the exact gloves they want without having to wade through pages of irrelevant results.

Besides, the quicker the person finds a product he is looking for, the more likely it is for him to fall for the “I-want-to-buy” moment.

Discover new products

Faceted search also helps users discover new products that they might not have otherwise considered.

When users apply different filters to their search results, they might come across new options that they had not considered before.

For instance, if a person is looking for a washing machine upgrade, he might not know about premium options available, such as an integrated dryer, smartphone control, or other criteria you could add as facets.

It can lead to an increased average order value, as users might be more likely to purchase something more expensive than they had not originally intended to buy.

Improve website performance

This functionality also improves the overall performance of an e-commerce website, shortens the customer journey, and increases the conversion rate.

By allowing users to quickly and easily narrow down their search results, the faceted search can reduce the load on the site’s servers and improve page loading times.

It helps to improve the user experience, as users are less likely to become frustrated by slow loading times.

Besides, this practice is also highly beneficial for your SEO website’s health and reduced bounce rates.

How to implement faceted search in your store?

When it comes to implementation, user-friendly integration should be your main priority.

The filters and options should be clear and easy to understand, with an option to easily clear selections. Navigation should be simple, making it easy for users to move between filters, and it should be easily visible on the page.

You can choose a custom integration or pick an already-tested and perfected e-commerce search solution like LupaSearch.

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