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In this digital world, a progressive e-commerce store can no longer rely on the default search (the one offered by an e-commerce platform).

Currently, 39% of online purchases come from a relevant search. (Keyword: relevant.)

Therefore, choosing an e-commerce search tool that could offer a user-relevant search is not easy.

So, how can you choose the relevant e-commerce search tool?

How to choose an e-commerce site search tool?

When it comes to choosing an effective, relevant, and fast e-commerce site search tool, you should look for features that are the golden standard in the site search market.

If you want to introduce a converting site search into your e-commerce store, make sure it has the following features.

#1 Rich autocomplete

An effective autocomplete can boost your conversions by as much as 24%.

This feature suggests keywords and products in real-time, based on what the user is typing into the search field. It understands what the user is typing and, based on that, offers the most-relevant terms or products.

#2 Boost, bury and hide

As a shop administrator, you should have the option to show only the products you want to show and hide some that covert worse or are off-season.

Also, you can choose the strategy for ranking the products. For instance, you can show seasonal clothes higher and increase the chance of a conversion.

For example, during winter, you can show winter jackets higher than summer ones whenever a user types in a broad “jackets” search term.

Product merchandising, also called searchandising, allows you to boost certain categories, phrases, search terms, or specific products.

If you have data suggesting that users buy certain brands the most, you can create rules that allow users to see that brand’s products first.

#4 Synonym & Typo detection

Your site search should deliver accurate results even when users misspell certain words. Pick the tool that gets to the core of the user’s request despite typos and synonyms.

Your users should never experience a dead-end while searching because they misspelled a word.

#5 Multiple search language support

Even though you currently operate in a single market (for instance, English-speaking), you should consider the site search tool that supports multiple languages.

This saves you in many cases. First, it allows you to expand your business to other markets whenever you feel ready without causing technical delays or roadblocks.

Second, if your customers speak another language apart from English, they might search in their language on your English website. An effective site search should understand and satisfy their request despite the language.

#6 Search analytics

Look for a site search tool that offers in-depth search analytics. You should be able to see critical areas of the users’ interaction with your website:

What do they search for?
What are the most popular terms?
What terms bring them to zero-results pages?

This data is critical for continuous e-commerce business improvement and growth, constantly adapting the website to the users’ needs.

#7 Personalization

91% of shoppers prefer revisiting those e-commerce stores that deliver the most relevant, personalized offerings.

Therefore, prioritize those e-commerce site search tools that support personalization - adapt the suggestions based on what users are searching for.

For users, this significantly shortens their shopping journey. For your business, this immensely increases sales.

Semantic search, powered by NLP (natural language processing), is the future of e-commerce.

Such technological implementations as NLP translates even the most complex user queries into computable information and deliver search results that perfectly match user requests.

The better the site search can predict user intent, the more the site’s conversion rate increases.

Therefore, when choosing the next e-commerce search partner, carefully evaluate the features each tool provides.

The more progressive your next search partner is (like LupaSearch), the sooner you notice the results paying off and your business growing.