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As a retailer, you have only 15 seconds to capture potential buyers' attention before they bounce off your website. That is how long it takes for a shopper to decide about purchasing something from your e-shop.

The secret to keeping people longer on your website (which leads to higher conversion rates) is improving user satisfaction with your e-shop by shortening the user journey.

One of the strategies to achieve that is to introduce effective AI-driven e-commerce search.

Factors that increase e-commerce conversion rates

Conversion rate (shortened CR) is a critical factor that correlates to every e-commerce business’s success. It shows the percentage of converted people from all the website visitors. If 1000 people visited your website and 50 people completed the purchase, your conversion rate is 5%.

Therefore, as the conversion rate increases, the number of purchases (from the same number of website visitors) grows. Your goal as a retailer is to improve the CR.

This way, you will not need to increase ad spending to increase website traffic. You will need to find ways to make * current* website visitors convert.

The main factors that help e-shops increase CR are the following:

  • Content personalization for every shopper
  • Shortening customer journey
  • Data-based website improvements
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Intuitiveness, speed, and seamless user experience

Here is how introducing an e-commerce search can help you tick many boxes out of the list.

How can e-commerce search help you increase CR?

While you should consider investing in UX specialists to improve overall in-site user experience, intuitiveness, and speed, introducing an AI-driven site search can drastically boost conversion rates.

A reputable and modern site search gets to the core of users’ search queries, enciphers the real search intent, and delivers the products the users are looking for.

  • Shortening customer journey

One of the key values of the e-commerce site search is the shortened customer journey.

If an e-shop offers a site search, every third website visitor will use it. If you have an effective e-commerce site search, you highly increase the chance of a conversion.

An e-commerce site search interprets user search queries and delivers hyper-relevant product suggestions.

This way, a person, who lands on your website and heads to a search box, will find what he was looking for within seconds. E-commerce site search (like LupaSearch) can increase the conversion rates by up to 8 times.

  • Content personalization for every shopper

Customers value personalized user experience. Precisely, personalization can reduce bounce rates by up to 30%.

An e-commerce search tracks user interaction with your website, ranks user-interesting products higher, and improves conversion rates.

If a user is interested in a certain product category (like Nike running shoes), the next time a user searches for running shoes, the Nike brand will be ranked higher.

It can skyrocket business conversion rates and overall user satisfaction with the website.

  • Data-based website improvements

Apart from many analytics tools that you should analyze to receive data for website improvement, e-commerce search analytics provides valuable insight for improvement.

For example, you can see which product categories (or brands) are the most popular and rank them higher in the search results. Boost bestselling products, increase their visibility, and increase conversion rates.

Also, you can analyze the search terms that make users end up on no-results pages. Review the search terms, add additional synonyms, or get ideas for future stock expansion.

  • Keeping track of inventory

This one might seem obvious, but many e-commerce businesses fail to react quickly enough to satisfy the demand.

Harvard Business Review suggests that e-commerce businesses lose around 15% of potential purchases because of out-of-stock items.

Therefore, you have two solutions here. First, you should always make sure to restock products. Second, if restocking is impossible, exploit the benefits of e-commerce search.

Such a solution (like LupaSearch) suggests user-relevant products that closely match the out-of-stock ones. This way, your users might pick an alternative.

Website improvement for increasing conversion rates is an ongoing process that every retailer faces.

We strongly advise you to exploit the unlimited benefits of such modern e-commerce solutions as AI-driven search. This tool, used by retail giants globally, can immensely improve your website quality and increase conversion rates.

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