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What do you get with LupaSearch?

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Higher conversion rate

Accurate prediction of your customers' search intent increases user satisfaction and boosts conversions.

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Search customization

Customize search results and direct website users to the products you want them to discover first.

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Language flexibility

Optimize your search and sell more with synonyms, spell check, and split-second autocomplete.

Features to get the most out of your search

Product search
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Integrate effective search into your ecommerce website without any coding knowledge. We’ll come along, so you take the most out LupaSearch right away.

  • Week 1
    A pencil drawing a line

    Kick-off meeting

    Challenges and expectations

  • Week 1 - 2
    Stacked documents

    Data simulation

    Testing demo search collecting client's feedback.

  • Week 3 - 4
    A magnifying glass

    Selecting best method

    Selecting integration method. Validation in staging environment.

  • Week 4 - 5
    A rocket

    Go live

    Participating in LupaSearch training.

  • Week 5

    Search result optimization

    Analytical data monitoring. Bug identification.