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The stats are in our favor. LupaSearch gets more items in every cart.






LupaSearch gets more items in every cart

Bubble with an arrow going up Advanced product marketing features. Just toggle on and off.

Increase conversion rates with powerful marketing features that make search part of your sales strategy. Dynamic filtering + sorting, A/B testing, search result personalization, product merchandising. LupaSearch combines analytics and dashboard controls to continually improve search while keeping you in charge of your customers' search experience.

Bubble with a control panel More precision. More flexibility. More satisfaction.

Give your customers a shopping experience they'll remember. LupaSearch speeds and refines ecommerce search with split-second autocomplete, synonym and typo detection, spell check, multi-language and multi-alphabet support – all the search features that make the shopping experience seamless for customers everywhere in the world.

Bubble showing different languages AI-enriched, image-based search. E-shopping reimagined.

The most advanced search technology on the market – at your shoppers' fingertips. Leap your ecommerce search forward with visual search that lets shoppers search any way they want. LupaSearch leverages generative AI technology from the makers of Chat GPT along with visual search technology powered by Elasticsearch to optimize and profitize every search.

Make ecommerce search your competitive advantage

The LupaSearch feature set is designed to help brands drive revenue with every single search.

Product search
  • Show them how well you know them

    Win customers right at search by remembering their preferences and displaying relevant products based on their interests and history.

    Discover search personalization
  • Boost star products. Bury others.

    Product merchandising lets you showcase products that align with seasons, campaigns and offers. Cross-sell, upsell, stay in control.

    Discover product merchandising
  • Deliver hyper-relevant AI-driven results

    LupaSearch eliminates fuzzy search results and creates a highly-personalized shopping experience. Right product, right search, right time.

    Discover AI search
  • Control everything from an intuitive dashboard

    View your search performance in a dashboard. LupaSearch makes it easy to configure, test, optimize and make changes on the fly. Totally uncomplicated and no coding skills required.

    Discover the advanced dashboard
  • Drive your business with in-store search intelligence

    LupaSearch cuts out the guesswork with business-relevant KPIs. You can watch trends, quantify zero-result searches and measure click-through rates.

    Discover analytics + reporting
  • Partner-style support is our secret sauce

    LupaSearch is a search-as-a-service solution. Our team is part of product delivery. We pair you with an ecommerce search expert who sets you up for success and helps you continually improve your results.

    Discover customer success management
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Why our clients love Lupa Search?

Get started fast. Our team makes integration smooth and effortless.

We take the pain out of integration and setup. All we need from you is some insight into your challenges, your market and your business aspirations. It goes like this:

  • Week 1
    A pencil drawing a line

    Kick-off discovery session.

    Your needs, challenges and expectations

  • Week 2
    Stacked documents

    Data simulation

    Testing demo search collecting client's feedback

  • Week 3
    A magnifying glass

    Select integration method

    We validate in a staging environment

  • Week 4
    A rocket

    Go live

    Training and setting you up for success

  • Week 5

    Optimize search results

    Monitor analytics, resolve any bugs